National Soft Ice Cream Day!! On my way!!!

softserve2Today is National Soft Ice Cream Day!!!  Also known as “soft serve”, this swirly delight is served using a special machine.  Ice cream vendors also use a special twist to double the amount of air that is in the soft ice cream, which creates is light, airy, smooth texture!

Did you know that soft ice cream has been around for about a century? Soft Ice Cream appeared in the early 1900’s, and at that time only a few flavors existed.  Today, soft serve comes in an array of flavors and colors! 

Dairy Queen in Joliet, Illinois was opened in 1940 and soft serve was their signature dish, hit with their guests amounting to 1,600 servings in a single day!

We enjoy soft serve ice cream, yogurts, whips, dipped, twisted and blasted!  Who would have thought that the original soft serve vanilla ice cream treat would be a favorite treat today!

Summer days are the perfect time to enjoy this cool smooth treat!

In honor of Soft Ice Cream Day, today take a ride to your favorite Ice Cream Place and enhoy a creamy twist today!!


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