Just Because We Can!!!

jsut because dayAugust 27  is National  and you can celebrate this day any way you choose, “just because” !


Each and every day we all do things that are expected of us or required  because we have to, well today that does not apply.  Sometimes we just need to do something just because, today is that day, a chance to do something without rhyme or reason. Live today, take a chance today, do something you may not normally do!

It could be that bowl of ice cream, that day to just take a drive and explore, do it…. just because.  Take your kids to a ball game…just because.

Maybe you want to use a vacation day just to go kayaking; do it…… just because.
Perhaps you would like to pay the tab for the table next to you at your favorite restaurant; do it….. just because.
Possibly you want to sing really loud while you’re in your car, by yourself, with your windows rolled down; do it…… just because.
Surprise someone with coffee……. just because!  Anything at all…………..  just because !

Do something different, out of the ordinary, something that you do not have to do but just want to do as that is what today is all about.

Be silly, be loud, make a new friend, meet your neighbor, buy a stranger a cup of coffee… Just Because!!!



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