marshmallow3Sweet treat ~ warm and toasty treat in honor of National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

Grab family and friends today, gather up some firewood, a few long sticks and a bag of marshmallows and you have the makings of a great night ahead of you.  Toasting marshmallows is a special part of summer evenings around a bonfire.

One of the popular ways to enjoy a delicious warm, gooey toasted marshmallow is with chocolate and Graham crackers in a S’more, for a twist on the classic S’more, try one with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sandwiched in between!  Extra yummy treat…

Marshmallows are heated to various degrees from gently toasted to a charred outer layer, depending on one’s preference to toasting!    The charred outer layer can be achieved by burning the marshmallow (my children’s personal favorite).

When we could not enjoy a bonfire outside in the winter months, but still wanted that ooey gooey treat we would turn on one of the burners in the kitchen and make marshmallows and S’mores in the kitchen for some family fun!

If you are camping this holiday weekend or just enjoying a fire in your backyard on this National Toasted Marshmallow Day, enjoy as many toasted marshmallows as you want!

Marshmallow History ~ dating back to Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians harvested the sweet gooey extract of the mallow plant and they used it to make candy…  It was a very special treat that was reserved for gods and royalty.  Today, the modern-day marshmallows that we know and love emerged during the 19th century.  Today, they are a popular treat made into many forms!


Have a wonderful, warm and gooey day!


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