National Newspaper Carrier Day!! First Job of many in years past!!!

newspaper carrieer dayCelebrating a day which many of us remember the newspaper carrier walking to our doors and tossing a paper up the steps!  Today we celebrate National Newspaper Carrier Day, many adults today began with their first job delivering newspapers, and so many kids had paper routes, delivering every day sunny, rain or shine it was a job that was to be done every day to their customers!


A little Newspaper Carrier History ~ Barney Flaherty was the first newspaper carrier, hired in 1833 by Benjamin Day, publisher of the New York Sun.  National Newspaper Carrier Day is a holiday meant to appreciate all of our newspaper deliverers and the convenience they provide to us and also to remember Barney Flaherty.


Did you know that there is a Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame?  Which opened in 1960, to acknowledge some of the famous newspaper carriers in our nation’s history.  Included in that Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame are Martin Luther King Jr., Warren Buffet and John Wayne.

On this day, it would be a great day to show your newspaper carrier a little extra appreciation. A cup of coffee, a card or a simple “thank you” would make their day a little brighter.  Enjoy the ease that many of us have in being able to wake up, get our coffee and have a paper to read before getting out of our pajamas!

Of course, if you live in an area where a newspaper carrier is still out and about and deliver to your door!  If you live in an area where some of us have to visit the store to get our paper in the morning, thank the driver who delivers the papers to multiple locations so that we can go buy or morning papers!


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