Fall Fun begins!!

fallFall, color tours, pumpkins, corn mazes and hot cider. Just a few of the things in store for you and for us at All Weather Seal, we are looking forward to a great fall in Michigan!

We hope that you will be out and enjoying some of the fun things that Michigan offers us as the weather changes. We know that as a company that enjoys getting out and meeting people we look forward to some of the more home town, feel good events that fall and winter brings.

We still have a few fairs left in the works as September comes to us, we have music festivals, arts and crafts festivals and holiday shows begin.

It is hard to say which ones will be some of our favorites, each team member that works an event finds something that makes them smile, it may not make you or me smile but it makes our team smile!

I think for me this fall is going to be fun, filled with football games, outside fall fun events like the Festival of the Pines in Lake City, fall Fairs and the beginnings of Pumpkins and cool fall nights!

I can say that we have days and days filled with places to go and things to do. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss and his book, Oh The Places You Will Go. If one person worked each event that we staffed, that one single person could fill a book about Michigan and all the fun events they have attended!  What a book that could be! While one person can’t be at every event, we staff each event and those people bring a piece of themselves with them, we allow personality and fun at each event we staff!  Part of what makes All Weather Seal a great company to work for and to work with is the ability to be ourselves while we work! We can smile, laugh and enjoy our day at work whether in the office or in the field, it’s always a great day at work!!


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