Smile a mile today and relax, recharge and refresh your mind, body and soul!!!

relax11Sit back, relax and unwind today!! Today marks National Relaxation Day!

Happens every year on this day, many people plan ahead and take this day off to recharge, refresh and relax!
So today, slow down a tad, smile a little more and if you have to work today smile a little more and get ready for the end of the day! You too can relax, unwind, and enjoy this day.
National Relaxation Day is an important day as we all need a break from the fast paced and often times hectic lifestyles that we live. There are always schedules that we have to follow and appointments, meetings, errands, chores and etc. that keep us busy every day. The often “too busy” days can become stressful. This day gives us a chance to take a look at our busy lives and take a moment to reflect today and slow down when we can. Not always possible right? We all have busy lives, so today for just a minute take a deep breath and relax ~ even for just a minute!!
What is your favorite relaxation activity?
Celebrate today’s holiday in the way that relaxes YOU the most!
We are aware that not everyone is able to get this holiday off from work, so while you are at your job, do what you can to avoid stress and do not work late today.
When you get off of work, take a deep breath, unwind, relax and begin your National Relaxation Day celebration!


National Creamsicle Day!!

creamsile day 1A refreshing summertime treat is celebrated annually on August 14 as it is National Creamsicle Day.
Ice Cream and fruit juice in one treat! 

“Creamsicle” is a brand name of an ice cream treat consisting of ice cream on a Popsicle stick coated with an exterior of flavored ice with the original flavor being orange. This frozen dessert has been around for many years and is enjoyed by millions, not only in the summer, but year round.

It’s a day for a classic Creamsicle Treat…Nothing beats a tasty treat that is smooth and sweet.  Relax today with a classic treat, share with friends, family and let the kids have one too!!  

Vinyl Records?

vinyl recordFrom 8 tracks, to vinyl, cassettes, CD’s, to music downloads, history is fun and enjoyable. While the vinyl side of music is a forgotten, classic way to enjoy some great tunes, today music is enjoyed in many forms.
August 12th marked National Vinyl Record Day, a day to reminisce and reflect on music history!
The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees ~ does the mention of these great musicians make you picture a large black record? A vinyl record? The vintage “vinyl” is almost as much of a classic as the bands themselves.
These vinyl records are commemorated annually on August 12. Vinyl records are also known as: Gramophone record, phonograph record or a record. It is an analog sound storage medium consisting of a flat disc which as an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.
Vinyl records were often described by their diameter in inches such as: 12-inch, 10-inch, 7-inch, etc.) the rotational speed at which they are played ( “33 1/3 rpm”, “78″, “45″, etc.), as their size was popular during certain era’s. Vinyl records left the mainstream in 1991 however they continued to be manufactured and sold in the 21st century so that some who prefer the classic way to enjoy music can still to this day.
August 12th each year is a great way to reminisce about the “Good Ol Days”.

If you still have some vinyl and the playing device, bring it out, dust if off and let your kids and grandkids listen and enjoy some music from a time when music wasn’t played electronically!

National Frozen Custard Day!!!

custard imageA delicious and refreshing cold dessert is celebrated each year on August 8, it is National Frozen Custard Day.
Similar to ice cream, frozen custard is made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. Today, Custard comes in various flavors for us to enjoy! Culver’s is known for its custard, mixes, cakes, and treats are Culver’s Custard treats… If you are close to one, stop today and grab a treat…
Did you know that Ice cream vendors, Archie and Elton Kohr invented frozen custard on Coney Island, New York in 1919 when they found that adding egg yolks to ice cream created a smoother texture and helped the ice cream stay cold longer?
The Kohr brothers sold 18,640 cones on their first weekend on the boardwalk. Imagine selling that many cones in one weekend!! A 1933 World’s Fair frozen custard stand, in Chicago, helped introduce it to a wider audience so that many more could enjoy this sweet treat.. Late on, Milwaukee, Wisconsin became known as the “unofficial frozen custard capital of the world”.

In honor of National Frozen Custard Day, grab a smooth, sweet and creamy treat!!!

National Root Beer Float Day!!!

rootbeerfloat3Each year on August 6, people around the country order (or make) a root beer float, drink up, enjoy and celebrate National Root Beer Float Day. Root beer floats are NOT just for kids !
Also known as the “Black Cow” a root beer float is made up of root beer and vanilla ice cream.
A little bit of ‘Black Cow’ history –

*Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado, gets the credit for inventing the “Black Cow” way back in August of 1893.

*How the ‘Black Cow’ originated ~ one night, as Wisner, who was the owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company, was staring out the window and thinking about the line of soda waters that was he was producing for the citizens of Cripple Creek, he came upon an idea. As the full moon that night that was shining on the snow-capped Cow Mountain, it reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He then hurried back to his bar and added a scoop to the children’s favorite flavor of soda, Myers Avenue Red root beer, tried it, liked it and served it the very next day. It was a huge hit, as you can imagine!

*Wisner named the new creation, “Black Cow Mountain” but the local children shortened the name to ‘Black Cow’.

In honor of our service members past, present and future, join A&W Root Beer as they offer free small Root Beer Floats on August 6th ~ while accepting donations for the Wounded Warrior Project….

Tomorrow, head over to an A&W near you and help our Wounded Warriors ~ or make one at home with family and friends and enjoy a Black Cow!!!

Fall is just around the corner!!

fallAs I sit here looking out at the stars and take in the sunsets on the water and the calm of summer nights I know that it isn’t going to last much longer.  School is heading back into session only 4 weeks away, which brings on the many changes that will begin to occur. We can’t say go away please!

The warm breeze that has passed by us night after night, the water hitting and crashing as the tide comes in, the feeling of the sand between our toes, those times are leaving us shortly as we look forward to Fall.

It seems as though the First day of school, marks the day when things begin to change, and we notice those changes a little more every day. The days get a little shorter; the sun sets a little earlier. We begin to have cooler nights and soon enough it is time for the furnace to kick in! So, sit back enjoy the fall because tomorrow we wake up and look out the windows and say “I am not ready for Winter”!!

As the nights are getting cooler already, I notice that I have some cool air sneaking inside my home.  This I didn’t notice earlier, so while enjoying the view from my windows, the beauty is set aside as I wonder why air is sneaking in.  I think that maybe this is the time to take a look at replacing some windows before it gets too cold outside.

I decide to make the call in the morning to All Weather Seal, to see about that free home inspection and estimate on some new windows.  Prepare for winter, early making this a priority is key so that I can enjoy the beauty through the windows and not worry about air seeping in!

All Weather Seal West can take care of my winter blues before they hit!  New windows can save me money this year and each year to come.

I didn’t know that I could lose so much heat out of my windows  in the winter.   I am losing money that can be put towards some new windows I think!  These windows will pay for themselves sooner that I thought.

At All Weather Seal West, we offer free inspections and estimates for all your needs, we are here to assist you in your energy savings!!  Call or stop in and visit us, take a minute to speak with us for a lifetime of savings!!!

National Milk Chocolate Day!!

chocolateToday all chocoholics unite!!!  Today is National Milk Chocolate Day!!

A day to indulge in a sweet chocolate treat!!  Milk chocolate is a mix of solid cocoa paired with dry or condensed milk.  Milk chocolate is a favorite for cookies, candy bars, hot cocoa and so much more.

Milk Chocolate lovers, today is a day to celebrate!  Each year on July 28, it is National Milk Chocolate Day.  July 7 was the day we all happily celebrated National Chocolate Lovers Day, now today is all about just the flavor of Milk Chocolate.

Millions of people enjoy milk chocolate in candy, in baking and in hot chocolate.  Today you can enjoy milk chocolate your favorite way!

Chocolate is GOOD for you!  Really it is, chocolate has many mood enhancing benefits, it can make you happy!  Chocolate contains stimulants that will enhance your mood!  Natural, chocolate love to make you smile!

Do we really need a reason to enjoy chocolate?  Grab a small treat today, milk chocolate in the form of a hug, kiss, cookie or bar today and smile!   Grab some Milk Chocolate today and enjoy a treat!



merr go round 5

Childhood memories today, tomorrow and yesterday, the Merry-Go- Round is a family favorites!  Always a popular attraction at County Fairs, carnivals and many malls today is a day to celebrate this FUN pastime.  July 25 is a day associated with carnival music and children’s laughter as we annually celebrate National Merry-Go-Round Day today.

The merry-go-round (also known as a carousel) is a ride where you can sit atop your favorite animal or ride in a beautiful seat.  Horses, monkeys, zebras, giraffes or other animals that are graced in full color and bedazzled for you to enjoy!  Many animals rise up and down to the tune of the carousel tunes that play, you can hear that tune and remember your first ride, your child’s first ride and smile.


A little Merry – Go – Round History

  • Did you know the earliest known depiction of the merry-go-round is in 500 A.D. in the Byzantine Empire, which depicts baskets, carrying riders, suspended from a central pole.
  • That in Hessville, Ohio this was the site of the first United States created merry-go-round.  It was created by Franz Wiesenhoffer during the 1840′
  • July 25, 1871 – Was the first carousel patent.

To celebrate today, find a merry-go-round and have fun…..they are not just for the kids and there is a kid in all of us!!

If you are in the Traverse City area, the Grand Traverse Mall has a full Carousel inside for you to enjoy complete with music, animals bedazzled to their fullest!  Grab a token and take a memory ride in honor of this favorite pastime!


drivethruTime honored tradition! 

There are still a few drive­­­-thru restaurants left today.  Nothing beats an old fashioned drive up, order at a speaker and have food brought to you car!  The days of roller skating car hops, music outside and the thrill of an old fashioned malt may have been set aside for the current drive-thru of today but the memories still hold true for many!

A few traditional drive-thru’s are left in the area and one of them is close to my home!  A&W was the perfect place to take my son for a time honored tradition where we pulled up to the menu board and speaker system and ordered some food!  Imagine his surprise when they brought the food to us on a tray and we didn’t pull up to pay at the next window!  We sat and enjoyed our snack at the spot we ordered in, finished and pushed the button for pick up!  What a fun experience for us to enjoy together…

A little Drive-Thru history !!


  • Did you know there are more than 211,000 fast food restaurants in the United States?
  • The drive-thru format was pioneered in the United States in the 1930′
  • Hamburgers sold for just 18 cents at some of the first drive-thru restaurants.
  • Jack in the Box was the first drive-thru Burger Chain.
  • Today it is not just restaurants that have drive-thru’s,  there are banks, pharmacy’s, liquor stores, post offices, coffee shops, dry cleaners and even wedding chapels.

Enjoy National Drive-Thru Day in all the drive-thru’s that you utilize!


Today is National Hot Dog Day!!

hotdog dayOne of America’s most iconic American foods, this dog is the bomb diggity dog of all time!  No cookout, baseball game or company picnic would be complete without this traditional treat served on a bun covered in condiments!

Hot dogs are also known as franks, wieners, dogs and red hots!  They have been around since the late 1800’s.  Today, it is said that American’s alone consumer 20 billion hot dogs each year!!

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with a cookout, BBQ, or the all American Ball Game Frank!!

Take me out to the Ball Park… Today, get your dog at the Ball Park while enjoying America’s Favorite Past time… Baseball game with a ball park frank!!!


Batteeeeerrr UP!!!!   AWS offices may be firing up the grill today for an impromptu cookout at the back door!!!  Shhhhhh….